Michigan protection

A 29 yo Adrian Mich. Man stabbed and killed an 85-year- . old man in the automotive section of.a local Meijer grocery store on Sept. 16.,
before being stopped by a wom
concealed-carry firearm license. According
to surveillance footage and witnesses, th,e
suspect and the victim entered separately
and the younger man stabbed the older
man multiple times in the head and neck,
killing him. During the altercation, a woman
noticed what was happening, drew her
firearm and ordered the suspect to the
ground, where he was held until police
arrived. The attacker was arrested and
faces charges including murder. (freep.com
Detroit, Mich., 9/16/20)

Author: Josh Ketcham

I trained and conducted executive protection for over 40 years. If you have any questions on using lethal fire give us a call.

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