Providing protection

When you are being threatened, your first action is to dial 911 and leave the line open. Yell to others to dial 911.

Keep the phone open say everything out loud. Your phone will be tract by 911 services but give your location and situation.

Tell the attacker you will protect yourself and others around you by any means available.

Describe the attacker and the threat. Tell the attacker to back off, stay away. Try to confuse them but do not show fear.

If you must draw and shoot, remember you and you alone are responsible for where your rounds land. Remember they may go through the attacker so be aware of what is infront, around and behind your attacker.

If you shoot, shoot to stop the attacker. This may take one or many rounds. Shoot until the threat is done.

At that time reconfirm with 911 law enforcement is on the way and give your name and describe yourself. Know that when the police arrive. All they will hear is that there was a use of force, shooting or hot area.

When the police arrive, make sure you do not have a gun in your hand. Tell them you called 911. They will probably place you in cuffs until the situation is sorted out.

Do not argue. Comply and if there is anyone around you, get their names and numbers before law arrives. If you can.

Be aware your fire maybe confiscated and in some places you may never get it back.

Some people say,” Do not say a word.” Remember You are not the victim. Never shoot out of hatred or animosity. Shoot to defend. You can always shoot but once that round is out, you did it to protect lives and stop a violent threat.

Practice everyday dry firing. Take classes. Listen to professionals. Keep a log of your practices and training. Your tool is to protect life. Protect the weak from those that are determined to commit violence.

Remember you were the one to call 911 and leave you line open. You are in the right.