Attitude when shooting

When using lethal Force you have to make sure your life your life for others are threatened. You never shoot with hate or malice in your heart because that turns protection into murder.

To take a life for some people especially a social people it’s very easy. For people who have a moral upbringing it is difficult but decision has to be made to take the lesser of two evils when protecting life.

If the threat is moving away from you and it’s taking you and others out of threat do not pursue. If you do pursue you could be charged.

Remember you are responsible for that bullet goes once it leaves your barrel of your gun. Be diligent be safe but when you have to do not hesitate to fire. You shoot until the threat is gone.


Gun free zone repeal attempt

HOuse Republicans are looking to permanently eliminate gun-free school campuses across the country by reintroducing a bill to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act.

Kentucky GOP congressman Thomas Massie reintroduced a 2007 bill originally from former Texas representative and libertarian icon Ron Paul Tuesday, which would completely repeal the 1990 Gun-Free School Zones Act. The “Safe Students Act,” H.R. 3200, has seven Republican co-sponsors and seeks to eliminate what Massie’s office described as a “one-size fits all federal ban on guns” in areas immediately around schools.

Massie has tried and failed to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act in the previous two congressional sessions.

Man shoots for intruders 9 January 2019

After four intruders broke into his home, an Arizona man shot all four, killing one, according to authorities.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said the man was sleeping at 1 a.m. on Jan. 3 when he was jolted awake by the four intruders attempting to break in.

“The subjects made entry into the home and during the process of the home invasion and burglary, an occupant of the home fired several rounds, striking all four of the subjects,” according to the sheriff’s office.

Local news station KYMA reported that an eyewitness who lives on the street said the man had warned the intruders that he was home by flicking his lights on and off inside the residence. The intruders ignored the warning, breaking in via the back door and smashing the window next to it. The owner subsequently opened fire and hit all four suspects.

KYMA reported that one of the suspects, Jessica Aynes, 28, was pronounced dead soon after the shooting.

The other suspects were identified as Edith Guerrero, 36; Jaden James, 18; and Leonardo Gonzalez, 27. All suffered gunshot wounds and were transported to local hospitals.

According to, Arizona gun laws operate at the state level, meaning any person age 18 or older can legally open carry, and anyone at least 21-years-old can conceal carry a firearm without a permit.

The state also has strong Castle Law doctrines for home invasions. According to Arizona CCW, the following conditions must apply if the Castle Law is to be used in claiming justifiable homicide:

  • The intruder must be attempting to or have made unlawful and forcible entry into an occupied home, business or vehicle.
  • The occupants must have a reasonable belief that the intruder is entering with the intention of committing a felony crime such as burglary.
  • The occupants must have a reasonable belief that they are in danger of serious injury or death at the hands of the intruder.
  • The occupants must be innocent of any provocation and cannot have instigated the intrusion or initiated the event by a threat of deadly force.

In Arizona, a person is legally able to “stand their ground” in the face of an attack and is under no obligation to retreat prior to using deadly force in self-defense.

Murder rate Rose in Mexico under cartels in 2018

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Murders in Mexico rose by 33 percent in 2018, breaking the record for a second year running, official data showed, underlining the task facing the new president who has pledged to reduce violence in the cartel-ravaged country.

Investigators opened to 33,341 murder probes compared with the previous year’s record of 25,036, according to information from the Interior Ministry published on Sunday.

Mexico has struggled with years of violence as the government has battled brutal drug cartels, often by taking out their leaders. That has resulted in fragmentation of gangs and increasingly vicious internecine fighting.

Doj on where criminals get their guns

The Department of Justice just updated its decades-old study asking criminals where they got the guns they used in committing the crime for which they were currently incarcerated. After asking 287,000 prisoners in 2016 where they got the gun they used, 90 percent of them “did not obtain it from a retail source” and less than one percent obtained it from a gun show.

Half of them obtained their firearm from the “underground” market, while just six percent said they stole it. The survey reported that “most of the remainder had obtained it from a family member or a friend, or as a gift. Seven percent had purchased it under their own name from a licensed firearm dealer.”

In other words, current or pending laws banning “assault weapons” (usually variants of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle) almost totally miss the mark, as nearly every crime was committed using a handgun. Also, those closing the so-called gun show loophole miss the mark as well.

The survey’s results are very similar to the study the DOJ completed back in 1997. Back then, 93 percent of criminals obtained the guns they used illegally, with “straw buyers” — a person buying a gun for another so he won’t have to undergo a background check — representing 40 percent, another 40 percent being obtained from “street dealers (i.e., the black market), and 13 percent being stolen. That left just seven percent obtained legally: five percent from pawn shops or gun dealers, one percent at flea markets, and less than one percent from gun shows.

Illegal asocial trash. Learn to shoot

LACOMBE, LA (Fox 8 News) – U.S. Marshals tracked a violent criminal accused of stomping an 83-year-old man to death to Lacombe and arrested him after a standoff.

WGNO reported that 23-year-old Silvano Echavarria is awaiting extradition for the brutal murder of the elderly grandfather in Pasadena, Texas.

Echavarria stomped on the victim’s head 74 times and punched him 25 times before leaving his lifeless body in a parking lot, according to the U.S. Marshals.

Authorities said Echavarria fled to Lacombe after Texas authorities began to move in.

When the Marshals approached the Lacombe residence where Echavarria was staying, Echavarria refused to come out before peacefully surrendering a short time later.

“This arrest was a direct result of interagency cooperation,” U.S. Marshal Scott Illing said. “This suspect mistakenly thought he could escape justice by crossing state lines. The community can rest easy knowing our team is not discouraged by geographical boundaries and are ready to pursue fleeing felons wherever they hide.”