Defund police

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo and
Mayor Bill de Blasio anti-gun extremists to
the core- have unleashed a crime wave like
New York City hasn’t seen in 50 years. They’ve teamed up to eliminate cash ban, empty prisons and dissolve the 600-member anti-cri’me ‘unit that was getting criminals and their illegal guns off New York City streets.

21sept20 Miami Fl

In the early-morning hours of Sept. 21, a
Pembroke Pines, Fla. man walked into a
Valero gas station, pulled out a gun and
tried to rob the business. However, the
clerk was able to draw his own firearm and
shoot the would-be robber several times.
The assailant fled the store and crossed
a road before collapsing on the sidewalk.
The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue took the
man to a local hospital where he later di(:s
( Miami, Fla., 9/21/20) ‘

28aug20 Colorado

A man was approached and threatened
outside of an Arvada, Colo. store on Aug. 28.
The suspected car thief reportedly pointed
a gun at the man’s stomach and demanded
his keys. Instead of handing the keys over,
the victim tossed the keys several feet away,
causing the thief to go after them. During
the distraction. the vehicle owner, who is
a concealed-carry permit holder, was able
to draw his own firearm and scare the thief
off. Police arrested the suspect a short time
later after he crashed a stolen truck into
a nearby Mcdonalds. ( Arvada,
Colo., 8/28/20)

26sept20 Pittsburgh

A Turtle Creek, Penn. woman endured
hours of domestic abuse in the early-
morning hours of Sept. 26. According to
police records, a 24-year-old man held the
woman (his girlfriend) against her will and
repeatedly assaulted her while threatening
to’kill her.’The woman was finally able to
get to her legally purchased firearm and
defend herself, shooting and killing the
man. First-responders found the man with
multiple gunshot wounds and pronounced
him dead at the scene. (
Pittsburgh, Pa., 9/26/20j

Md. 16 aug 20

A tattoo shop owner responded to a notification from hls shop s security
alarm on the morning of Aug. 16. Once
inside, he saw a man trying to open drawers
behind the counter with a knife. The shop
owner, who had a Maryland concealed.
carry permit, drew his’9 mm Gluck G48
and ordered the intruder to drop his knife
and to sit down until the police arrived.
During the police investigation.,. surveillance
footage shows the intruder pulling on
doors, trying to gain entry into other
businesses in the same shopping center.
He is then seen making entry at the side
door of the tattoo shop. The investigators
were able to verify the shop owner’s
account of the incident. The intruder is
facing felony criminal charges that include
second- and third-degree burglary.
( North East, Md., 8/16/20)

Detroit 16sept20

A 29 yo Adrian Mich. Man stabbed and killed an 85-year- . old man in the automotive section of.a local Meijer grocery store on Sept. 16.,
before being stopped by a wom
concealed-carry firearm license. According
to surveillance footage and witnesses, th,e
suspect and the victim entered separately
and the younger man stabbed the older
man multiple times in the head and neck,
killing him. During the altercation, a woman
noticed what was happening, drew her
firearm and ordered the suspect to the
ground, where he was held until police
arrived. The attacker was arrested and
faces charges including murder. (
Detroit, Mich., 9/16/20)